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About Khalsa Diwan

To many, Hong Kong is recognized as both a “Land of Opportunity”, but also the “Freest economy in the world”, and has allowed the development of many different ethnic groups and cultures which has allowed Hong Kong to flourish. To the Sikh community, this is core to our love of Hong Kong.

We believe that Sikhs first came to Hong Kong on, or around, 1840, when our ancestors were recruited by the British Empire in India, which was a colonial state at the time. Sikhs were brought to Hong Kong to form a regiment within the Police Department, and were found extremely successful in helping the community in Hong Kong, given their loyal devotion to State, but also the compassion to the man-kind and those that they were serving, and helping. Stemming from this, the number of Sikhs to perform such duties in Hong Kong grew extensively. As the number of Sikhs increased in Hong Kong, so did the role that we played in the Government ultimately serving in the Correctional Service, and also the British Army. Many Sikhs fought valiantly in Second World War protecting their home, Hong Kong.

Today, the number of Sikhs in Hong Kong has continued to grow, and the subsequent generations of the earliest Sikhs to arrive in Hong Kong has also called the Fragrant Harbour their own home. Today, Sikhs have found themselves in working in the Hong Kong SAR Government, in addition to securing prestigious roles in the Financial, Legal and Accounting professions in Hong Kong. The Sikhs have contributed, and continue to contribute extensively to the promotion of Hong Kong as a leading Financial Center, the Gateway to China, and also helping Hong Kong establish itself as “Asia’s World City”.