Quotations for translation work

We are looking for Quotations for translation work for our Radio Program “Kal Taran Guru Nanak Aayaa -2”. The contents of the script contain Sikh religious and spiritual vocabulary. If you are a qualified translator for the Punjabi and English language especially registered with Judiciary, you can send a quotation to us at info@khalsadiwan.com by 25th Feb. 2021. Please mention your translation rate per word.

Series of Sri Sehaj Paths

For the successful completion of the Building Project, Khalsa Diwan has started a Series of “Sri Sehaj Paths” that will finish upon completing the new building of Gurdwara Sahib.

Sangat is requested to take the Sewa of at least one Sehaj Path. Under this series, booking for the coming months is open until completion of the Building Project.

The Sehaj Path commences every Sunday morning and is concluded on the next Sunday.

For more information you can contact 5396 5505