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Historic View



The first Gurdwara in Hong Kong, called Sri Guru Singh Sabha was built in 1901, by the Sikh members of the British Army Regiment stationed in Hong Kong.

1945 Bombed

The History of Sikhs & Khalsa Diwan Sikh Temple (Hong Kong)

It is believed that first sikh’s arrived in Hong Kong during 1840’s when they were recruited by British Empire in India. Sikhs were brought to Hong Kong to form a regiment within the Police Department.  To the Sikh Diaspora, the Gurudwara, is central to our own community, but also an extremely important center of charitable service to the broader community in which we live

The first Gurdwara in Hong Kong, called Sri Guru Singh Sabha was built in 1901, by the Sikh members of the British Army Regiment stationed in Hong Kong.In the 1930’s the number of Sikhs continued to grow and the Gurdwara was needed to be rebuilt for a larger Sangat (Sikh community). In the early 1940’s during the Pacific war, the Gurdwara was bombed twice, sustaining extensive damage. In one of the attacks, the then Gurdwara Granthi(priest), Bhai Nand Singh, sitting in the main hall reading the Sri Guru Granth Sahib (the Sikh holy scripture), was fatally injured. However, the Guru Granth Sahib was not damaged. Many Sikhs and Non-Sikhs had sought refuge in the Gurdwara and some of them sustained injuries. After the war, the damaged areas of the Gurdwara were rebuilt by the Sikhs and the Non-Sikhs.

Again in 1980’s the Gurudwara’s main hall was extended and linked with Queens’ Road East by a covered bridge, which provides easy access for the devotees. This project too, was funded by the Sikh’s and the Non-Sikhs.

In 2008 an extension block of 4 story was built. It has a small Prayer Hall, Social Hall, Langar Hall and staff quarters and old building was renovated. Unfortunately, in 2013 cracks started appearing in the old Gurdwara building which was a historical grade 2. All measures were taken to save the building and it was examined by professional engineers, who ultimately declared the building un-safe.

Stemming from this, and seeing no alternative, the Management Committee of the Khalsa Diwan has undertaken an extensive feasibility study, and tender request for the construction of a new Sikh Temple, at its current location in Hong Kong. The new building will be a four-story block providing 76,000 square feet of useable area including a Car Park, Library, Museum, Seminar Halls, Dining (Langar) Hall, Kitchen, two Prayer Halls, Washrooms, Kindergarten, Tutorial classrooms, private function rooms and many more facilities.The General Building Plans have been approved by the Building Department. Construction work has been completed by 3rd quarter 2022.

Unforeseen delays due to the COVID pandemic and rising costs have led to the total cost of the building construction rising to HKD220 million, compared to the original estimate of HKD170 million. The entire community has come together to help in the completion of the project, and this is a proud and defining moment
in the history of Sikhs in Hong Kong.